KIsense Smart Kitchen

Your Sixth Sense in the Kitchen”

The Kisense Smart Kitchen is the first of its kind. We, at MTtech, developed a dynamic piece of technology and integrated it into your kitchen. We’ve combined the digital world with your everyday kitchen tasks, which shall optimize your experience and productivity. The KIsense utilizes an Android Interface, this means that …

  • You’ll be able to pull up your favorite recipe via a web browser
  • Weigh your ingredients with our built in Digital Weighing System
  • Keep track of all items in your kitchen using our built in barcode sensor (in order to more efficiently stay on top of your active shopping list)
  • Have several browsers up at different touch points allowing for an interactive family experience
  • Be able to make a call or answer an incoming call directly from the interface
  • Send an email while chopping vegetables.
  • Catch your favorite tv show by pulling up a separate window,

Our aim is to enhance your experience in the Kitchen via our multifunctional and interactive technology. This technology will surely make your experience a lot more exciting and productive.

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Below you’ll find several video simulations demonstrating some of our main system features. The Kisense Smart Kitchen is offered in 3 different touchscreen sizes. Choose from a 32”, 42”, & a 55” touchscreen all based on modular platforms that allow for easy general maintenance.

Your Apps

Interactive Cooking Guidance

Say Hello To Your New Kisense System

Call Center

Digital Weighing System


Android Interface. Download your favorite apps (i.e. Facebook, Whatsapp, Web Browsing, YouTube, Games, & more.)


Multi-touch surface, offering up to 40 simultaneous touch points.


TV Platform, allowing the system to be used as a TV monitor.


Bluetooth hands free call system. Sync your cellphone with the system and freely send andreceive phone calls. Access your address book contacts.


Built-in digital weighing system. Utilize the entire touchscreen surface to weight ingredients.




Built-in barcode sensor. The sensor is located on the side panel, this allows the user to scan any barcode displaying product information and details.