Our Products


MTtech offers two unique products, the Smart Office table and the KIsense Smart Kitchen MTtech

The technology behind the curtains is simply brilliant. Take a Peak.

  • The multitouch surface can accommodate up to 40 touch points simultaneously.
  • The touchscreen surface of the multitouch table is made out of impact-resistant (extra clear) tempered glass, and it prevents entry of moisture and water.
    • This means that you can interact with your audience, be it a customer or colleague, all while sipping on beverages. This gives you the freedom to fully interact and engage with your social environment.
  • The KIsense Smart Kitchen offers an Android interface with access to all your popular applications. Whereas The Smart Office Table is Windows based.
  • The KIsense Smart Kitchen offers a Bluetooth Hands Free Call System. (This feature is not standard with the Smart Office Table.)
    Connect to any Bluetooth device and be able to send and receive calls directly through your multitouch table.
  • The KIsense Smart Kitchen offers an integrated digital weighing system. The entire surface of the Multi-Touch table will operate like a weighing platform.
  • The KIsense Smart Kitchen offers a built in Barcode Sensor located on the side panel system. This allows the user to scan virtually any barcode where by the system will pull up all product info, an image of the product will display, and it shall identify where it can be accessed along with prices. With the compatible application, the user will be able to add it directly to an E-Shopping list.

An Experience Like No Other. A Powerful Business Tool.

Automobile Dealers

Our Multi-Touch table has become very popular with Automobile Dealers / Show Rooms.  MTtech’s dynamic & interactive software combined with a magnificent exterior, delivers a very powerful tool to any sales guy. A few swipes here and some taps there you will swiftly both captivate and engage your customers. This will surely make the customers experience fun and interactive, and more importantly both simplifies and shortens the clients decision making process.

Our Smart Office Tables have proven to cut down on both the preliminary and post steps of the deal making process. You’ll be able to swiftly demonstrate and compare the vehicle options (by means of displaying pictures,videos & charts), and once ready to move forward, with only a few finger gestures you’ll be able to quickly pull up partial or all associated documents and paperwork involved with executing your sale. One more neat feature is that you’ll be able to archive the data/documents in real time and print customers copy in moments time.

Real Estate

Our Smart Office Table has made a profound entrance in the Residential and Commercial Real Estate arena. The table is a powerful tool when demonstrating property spec sheets and layouts. Additionally, it is remarkably more powerful to demonstrate the location and neighborhood of the home or project you’re attempting to sell versus the traditional ways. Similar to the automobile dealership experience, our table allows you to fully engage with your prospect or client in an interactive way. Our product is used by Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agencies along with Developers that present and sell their projects still in the blueprint stages. Utilizing all the advantages of our table and technology will allow you to engage and impress your customers.


The Interactive Office

Our multi-touch table transforms an ordinary office into an extraordinary one. Be it an architect, graphic designer, or if you’re simply looking for a more dynamic and creative way to tackle office projects, our Smart Office Table can deliver. You’ll be able to compare projects spread out over the full length of the 55” table, compose an email, hold a conference call, and edit several documents all while drinking your cup of coffee. This freedom shall contribute to the executive’s/professional’s creativity, productivity, and deliver overall clarity ensuring that your deadlines are met in an interactive fashion. Easily and clearly demonstrate your work or product in a few simple steps.