Multi-Touch Table for Business – An Ultimate Solution

While tablets and smartphones are personal devices, smart Multi-touch Tables are meant to share experiences and bring everyone together. Surely, for making the office space interactive you spent a great deal of time to make it a worthy and more functional space.

Transform the way you introduce your product and services to your customers with interactive and smart presentation technology. With a smart Multi-Touch Table for Business, you can give an impressive presentation that will impress your customers and give a competitive edge.

Features of the multi-touch table for event:

  • The touch screen table have a strong sense and can be operated by more than one person
  • Have high precision and response fast to the command.
  • Compatible with different operating systems.
  • The touch screen tables are available in different sizes.
  • The touch table is waterproof and scratch proof.

MTtech offers customized and a range of interactive touch screen table for presentation. We make use of the latest technology. We work closely with our customers to best meet their requirements. Kisense Multi-Touch Table is suitable for a wide range of application and is not limited to the retailers, space planners, and merchandizer. Our Multi-Touch Table for board meetings includes everything you need. From the multi-touch and responsive touch screen to the powerful Android hardware and sturdy built.

There is a wide variety of the products are available we offer customized solutions to meet the customer’s unique requirements. If you need further information or want to get a pricing quote for our Multi-Touch Table for conference, please feel free to contact us.